Prenatal Yoga

October 16 – Dec 8th 2020

Mondays @ 6-7pm

Prenatal Yoga with Rachael Islam

Course Overview:

Join Rachael Islam, in Cosmic’s 8 week Prenatal Yoga Course to find a deeper sense of peace & relaxation and nourish your physical and emotional well being throughout pregnancy. 

Week 1: The Art of Effortlessness

The first class on this 8-week series is a subtle practice that aims to still both the mind and body, offering an opportunity for meditation as well as physical relaxation. Working towards depth from a place of surrender, this class targets the body’s energetic system and the fascia. This is essentially a yin class with most of the poses associated with the heart and lung meridians. This class will end with a Yoga Nidra for a divine deep relaxation.

Week 2: Make It Sacred

The aim of this class is for the women to turn inwards, reflect and observe with the support of simple repetitive flow of gentle forward folds ending with nadi shodhana + a sacred meditation.

Week 3: Goddess Glow Flow

This class will focus on opening the front of the body with gentle backbends and deep breaths nourishing both mama and baby. The goal of this class is to give the woman the courage, confidence and strength that she will need during her pregnancy and labour. This class is beneficial for women in their third trimester and who may be experiencing low breathing, heartburn, and indigestion. A gentle Bastrika + Goddess Meditation performed at the beginning of class.

Week 4: Strength & Stability

The intention of this class to keep the woman strong as her belly grows and in preparation for holding a baby. There will be poses for gently strengthening the arms, back, buttocks and legs.

Week 5: Accepting Change

The reality of change coming can be a little overwhelming and so this is a perfect class to breathe and dissolve any anxiety. Supported with gentle open twists and laterals stretches there will be a feeling of calm and space to welcome change.

Week 6: Warrior Woman

This class focuses on preparing for labour. We’ll get into deep hip and groin openers, practice sounds to support us mentally and emotionally followed with a visualisation meditation. We’ll support this intention with drumming music to connect with the primal energy within.

Week 7: Ahimsa

Our opening meditation will help us understand ahimsa as being mindful of our thoughts followed with an intentional practice where we move with awareness, love, kindness and compassion. Instead of letting the limits of our body create stress we intentionally respect and love the limitations. This practice goes beyond the mat accepting events as they are with an open heart, letting go of reacting in any negative way and replacing those feelings with appreciation and acceptance.

Week 8: Shakti

The class will focus heavily on the breath accompanied with a hypnobirthing meditation. We will also explore shakti, the feminine and dynamic energy that is responsible for creation and sustenance and is often referred as “The Great Divine Mother”. Expect practice to be soft and fluid yet powerful.

This course is paid for in full, running weekly, on Mondays 6 – 7 PM for 8 consecutive week (October 19th – December 7th)

Please ensure you receive medical clearance from you GP. 

Please bring along a yoga mat and towel.


Please BOOK to reserve your hammock via our online workshops & events page. Or email Tash at

$140.00 / 8 week course