Frequently Asked Questions

Studio Etiquette

It is our aim that each student leaves our studio space as happy and light as possible. In order to do so we have a few house keeping rules we ask of you to make the Cosmic Yoga experience a positive one for all of our wonderful students.

  • Disconnect to reconnect. Please keep all phones, smart watches, and laptops switched OFF and out of the yoga room at all times.
  • The Whispering Zone. The studio is a place for students to relax and unwind, please keep talking to a whisper when outside in reception, and an absolute minimum in the yoga room.
  • Travel light. Bring only the essentials as all personal items, other than your mat, towel and water, must be left outside the Yoga room and in the locker area provided.
  • Keep it clean. Bathrooms are for communal use so please keep them clean and tidy. Keep showers short to save the earth and time for your fellow students, and be mindful of other classes that may be on while using hairdryers.
  • Check yourself in. Please arrive at least 10 mins before class to give yourself time to settle and ensure all classes can start as scheduled.
  • Take rest as you need. However due to safety precautions all students must stay in the yoga room for the full duration of the class.
  • Please wipe down your mat and surrounding space after your class.



I’m new to yoga, where do I start?

You do not need to be a human pretzel to begin. All of our classes welcome beginners, however our first recommendation for beginners is our ‘Posture Lab’ class available on Thursday’s at 6pm. Yoga will teach you more than just flexibility, and this class is the perfect introduction to your Yoga journey.



Can I do Hot Yoga?

Any student of any age, gender or level is welcome into any Hot, We do require a doctors certificate or written permission for the following students;

  • Pregnant
  • Heart or serious cardio vascular condition
  • 13-16 years of age requires parental supervision
  • 16-18 years of age requires parental consent


Why the heat?

We chose European Hydronic Heating as our preferred method of warming the space, as it slowly heats the air rather than surfaces. This allows your body’s core temperature to rise gradually, enabling you to safely access your full expression of the poses. The heat helps you to relax and release tension, to accelerate your body’s natural detoxification systems, therefore promoting healthy skin tone and overall wellbeing.


What do I need to know to prepare for my first class?

  • Please bring along your own yoga mat & towel to class.
  • Avoid eating any heavy meals or consuming any coffee or stimulants 2-3 hours before class.
  • Come wearing comfortable clothes, keeping in mind you will sweat, and leave your shoes at the door.
  • Make sure you drink good quality water before and after class. Hydration is your most important recovery tool.


How do I book a class online?

Download our free ‘Cosmic Yoga Studio’ App, or visit to our website timetable and choose the class you want to sign up to and create yourself an online login, remember to keep these details handy for future reference. Follow the prompts through to the purchase page and choose your choice of package and purchase.


Can I cancel a booked class?

Yes, however please note, we have a strict 12 hour cancellation policy. If you are unable to attend class, we kindly ask that you remove your booking (via your account), to avoid penalties. 


I received a gift card, how can I claim this?

Follow the prompts to booking a class, and at the purchase page enter the ID found on the back of your Cosmic gift card. You can also redeem gift cards by contacting us via email.