Cosmic Classes



Cosmic Flow 1 & 2 – Our Signature Class

Our signature Cosmic Flows are modern Vinyasas, drawing predominantly on the work of Pattabhi Jois (Ashtanga). Cosmic Flows are sweaty & practiced in a heated room. They are a YANG style of class so be prepared to lift your heart rate and leave feeling re-energised. Cosmic Flow 1 is a faster paced class than Cosmic Flow 2, however they both stimulate agni (digestive fire).

Cosmic Flow 1 – Heated

There is an evenness to Cosmic Flow 1, that brings about a feeling of arriving back into your body.

Opening with philosophy and wisdom, pulled from the Sutras, Cosmic Flow 1 works towards a peak pose.

Some repetition of Surya Namaskar and sequence, enables a point of reference for awareness, making it more than just a work out.

Here you will have the opportunity to experience your unique expression of a peak pose, such as, backbends, inversions, splits and arm balances.

General Vibe: Upbeat, Familiar & Joyful


Cosmic Flow 2 – Heated

Cosmic Flow 2 elicits a feeling of quiet, strength and fluidity. In this class, various methods of pranayama are employed to create clarity of mind and intention.

Through awakening the core, you will set up for an aware practice, with particular attention to chaturanga.

Opportunities will be available throughout to build heat and resilience, utilising longer holds and mindful transitions.

Building a creative sequence and finally flowing altogether. A sense of connection can be experienced thanks to moving rhythmically and in unison with one another.

General vibe: Graceful & Determined


Slow Flow – Unheated

Slow Flow calls on the fluid intelligence of the body – think gliding through honey!

Movement in and out of poses are able to be taught with more specificity and postures are held for longer, making it possible to feel into sensations with awareness.

The slow nature of this class is what makes it suitable for both beginner and advanced yogis. Allowing students more time to suitably evaluate makes it a more sustainable practice.

It can be hard to ‘go slow’ when so much of our programming is to ‘go fast’. However, getting comfortable with this quieter pace can lead to strength, stability and an affection for ones body as well an appreciation for the things it can do.

Available in both the heated and unheated rooms. Modification offered.

General vibe: Grounding & Love


Posture Lab (Beginners Yoga) – Unheated

Posture Lab is a B.K.S Iyengar style class with an emphasis on alignment.

Posture Lab introduces the student to a modified Surya Namaskar, pranayama techniques and the Bandhas (energetic body locks). It is slow with specific instruction, providing multiple opportunities to refine and go deeper in the common poses.

The perfect place to establish a practice (sadhana), Posture Lab offers a more traditional style of yoga. Develop a wealth of knowledge, allowing you to segway into a more dynamic vinyasa style of yoga, if you choose.

Ideal for all ages and abilities.

Class sizes limited to 8 people, ensuring more individualised attention.

Yoga Conditioning – Heated

A strength and functional mobility class specific to a sustainable practice of yoga, which uses the same mindful principles of breath for increased cardiovascular fitness.

This class includes high / low intensity repetition and some use of props to improve flexibility – reducing any joint related limitations which may lead to compensation patterns.

Suitable for yogis looking to increase their stamina.

Yin / Yang – Heated

Yin speaks to a feminine, passive and cooling energy whilst Yang describes a more masculine, dynamic and warming energy.

Yin Yoga has roots in China and Taoist theory and Yang Yoga is typically associated with Indian asana and vinyasa. By combining the two styles of yoga we aim to improve energy levels and fitness while promoting relaxation and healing.

The Yin aspect aims to target connective tissue while the Yang aspect seeks to address the muscles.

Ideal for yogis looking to achieve physical and spiritual balance.

YIN Yoga

Yin Yoga is a softer, more traditional style of yoga and compliments a stronger, dynamic practice. It involves long holds of 3-5 minutes, designed to improve connective tissue (tendons, ligaments & fascia) and flow of energy.

All the great systems of the body are ensheathed in connective tissue, a web-like communication network, which tells the cells how to function in response to various forms of tension, compression and movement. Yin poses create and maintain moderate levels of stress on the connective tissue, in order to create strong and flexible joints with greater range of motion.

Understanding life force, known as chi/prana, as well as channels called meridians/nadis, is an essential component of Yin. The power of yin is in time, rather than muscular effort. Yin yoga cultivates patience, gratitude and contentment – teaching you to relax and let go.

A highly therapeutic class – suitable for everybody.

Recovery – Roll & Release

A weekly wind down, ideal for athletes and individuals engaging in other vigorous forms of exercise.

Elements of roll & release, slow flow & YIN yoga. Think muscles melting off the bone.