Cosmic Yoga Studio is a contemporary yoga studio based in West Lakes, South Australia

We specialise in Vinyasa Flow Yoga, bringing a new age experience to the ancient practice of traditional asana and meditation.

We seek to inspire our students to take their practice off the mat and into their everyday, allowing them to find their truest, best version of themselves.

Yin and Yang

Our yoga studio embraces the Cosmic balance of Yin and Yang, with two studio rooms aptly designed to offer an option for either end of the spectrum.

Our Yin studio room overlooks the lake with large windows allowing you to get in sync with nature, releasing your physical body to your practice and activating the subtle levels of your fluid body.

Our Yang studio creates a space for a more dynamic, energising practice. Yang is equipped with a hydronic European style of heating which warms the air, rather than surfaces.

Room temperature slowly rises to either 28 or 38 degrees, allowing your body’s core temperature to catch up whilst ensuring a safe practice to open and release.